Rasa Dhatu (Mysore’s first Organic Cuisine Restaurant) is located on Adipampa Road, V.V Mohalla, Mysore.

OrganicIngredients-1At Rasa Dhatu we use certified organic ingredients. Food we serve ranges from local flavours to international cuisine. It is a 100% vegetarian restaurant. Our menu includes vegan and raw food delicacies. Our motive at Rasa Dhatu is to serve fresh, tasty and healthy foods cooked home style.

Most of our ingredients OrganicIngredients-2are certified organic products. Our vegetables, fruits & dairy sources are from certified organic farms and retailers based in and around Mysore. Farms which are not certified but which follows organic method of production are verified before approving. Independent laboratory tests are carried out
where necessary.

Our ingredients can be broadly classified as below. There can be multiple suppliers for a single product. All of them are either certified for organic production or verified by Rasa Dhatu.


  • Certified Organic Ingredients: Rice, Lentils, Oils, Spices, Vegetables, All kinds of Flours, Raw Sugar, Dairy Products, Nuts and Seeds
  • Dhatu Verified Organic Ingredients: Vegetables & Fruits, Dairy Products
  • Natural Ingredients: Nuts & Seeds, dry fruits, Goat Milk, Chocolate

Catering and corporate bookings available.

Call ahead to order for pickup or delivery

Telephone: 0821-2413090